As farming goes, so goes the nation and the world. Growing and producing food is the backbone of any society Farming has been an important part of civilization for thousands of years


The mission of the Farmer Veteran Coalition is to mobilize veterans to feed America.


Help us create a future where local family, farmers can earn a good living, by providing locally grown foods to their communities.

    Veteran Farmers Group is a veteran run organization dedicated to providing educational, business, marketing and internet assistance to veterans. We provide a comprehensive library of information on farming, land management, financial services, business planning, agriculture production and marketing.

    Although our main focus is in the farming arena, we also provide assistance for veterans seeking to establish a career in any industry, whether through seeking employment in their own community, or starting their own business.
    Our veterans programs focus on assisting veterans in getting their life started after service.


    Provide a resource for those Military Veterans who wish to start a life in farming after service.  Equipping Veterans across the country with the right training and tools to be successful farmers in their local communities, will enhance the overall life and provide a healthy food source for people living in those communities.

    Help us create a future where local family farmers can earn a good living, by providing locally grown foods to their communities. Food prices are affected hugely when shipping costs are added. By getting more Americans to get involved in farming, food prices can be reduced significantly, not to mention the increased revenue for communities. Grocery stores are able to remain open. And young entrepreneurs are able to start new small businesses, which also means our children have vibrant rural communities to grow up in.


    Have questions,or wish to provide assistance with our mission? Drop us a line.

    Please check out our store. All profits go towards funding our newly initiated grant and used equipment programs